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鄭永丹 Zheng Youngdan

From China / Graduated in 2012 / Went on to the University of Tokyo Faculty of Graduate School

After graduating from university, I passed JLPT N1 and decided to come to Urawa International School. Thanks to my teacher at U.I.S, I was able to meet Professor Kinomiya from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo. After submitting my research proposal, the professor accepted me to the University of Tokyo. I am hoping everything will be all right from now on, and that more and more students will come to study at Urawa International School, and we all will make our dreams come true.

劉純志 Liu Chunzhi

From China / Graduated in 2005 / Went on to Japanese Company

I remember my days at U.I.S. with great fondness. All of the extra cultural activities gave me a deeper understanding of Japan. Furthermore, these events provided an opportunity to make new friends through Japanese conversation. After graduating, I received a recommendation from Ms. Takako Sakaki, and found a position at a Japanese company. I am very grateful to all of the teachers at Urawa International School. Thank you very much.

張妮 Zhang Ni

From China / Graduated in 2013 / Went on to Kanda University of International Studies

After graduating from junior college, I decided to study in Japan because I had passed JLPT N1. The teachers at Urawa International School have various types of educational backgrounds. They gave each student personal advice when applying to universities, as well as great lessons. They also helped us outside of the classroom and supported our lives in Japan. Thanks to their great teaching, I was admitted to Kanda University of International Studies and studied at the Faculty of International Communication. I received a scholarship from JASSO. Thank you very much for having me for 2 years.

張明哲 Zhang Mingzhe

From China / Graduated in 2013 / Went on to Meiji University

When I first came to Japan, it was so hard to learn Japanese that sometimes I felt tired. Once I almost gave up, but I tried my best with my classmates. It was a lot of fun.
There are a number of excellent teachers at Urawa International School. They taught me advanced Japanese culture and encouraged cross-cultural communication in the classroom. The kind teachers didn't only support me with my studies but also with my life in Japan. Their lessons had a positive impact on my English. I passed the entrance exams of Meiji University and Hosei University within half a year of coming to Japan. I feel grateful to all of the teachers. In my opinion, the best thing about the school is the way it maintains the best possible environment for study, and thanks to this, I could try my best while maintaining a positive attitude towards learning.