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Long Term CourseBasic Requirements of Admission

Over 18-years-old
Over 12 years of academic background
Japanese Language Certificate with at least 150 hours of study

Long Term CourseApplication Period

You may apply 6 months before entrance.

  Application Deadline Announcement of Eligibility period of education until graduation
April Intake Mid-November of preceding year February 2 years
July Intake Mid-February May 1 year and 9 months
October Intake Early May August 1 year and 6 months
January Intake Mid-August of preceding year November of preceding year 1 year and 3 months

Long Term CourseApplication Forms

During the application period, please send or bring the required documents.

List of Required Documents

School Forms

Mailing address
Tokyo Campus 2-4-13, Higashisakashita, Itabashi-Ward, Tokyo 174-0042  TEL:03-5914-1288
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Long Term CourseSteps to Entrance / Entrance Procedures

(1) After screening, send your documents to Immigration
(2) Receive confirmation of eligibility from Immigration.
(3) After receiving your tuition fee, a Certificate of Eligibility and School Admission Letter will be sent to you by the school.
(4) Obtain a visa from the Japanese embassy in your country.
(5) Travel to Japan in time for the first day of school.

  • If your eligibility is rejected, we will inform you of the reason and return part of your documents, where possible.
  • In the case of your visa being rejected, we will refund tuition fees. Unfortunately we will be unable to refund any bank remittance charges concerned with the applicant.

Long Term CourseTuition

First fiscal year  (UNIT/ YEN)

Enrollment Fee 50,000
Tuition Fee 600,000
Facilities and Textbook Fee 50,000
Examination Fee 20,000
Other Charges 15,000
Total 735,000