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Wang Si Hui   from China

Why did you come to Japan?

I came to Japan three times before, and I have many Chinese friends living in Japan. In this stay I found some good aspects of Japanese lifestyle. For example, there are a lot of 24/7 convenience stores, and Japanese follow the strict rules about garbage separation. These things made me decide to study in Japan.

You also have studied in UK.

Yes, After graduating from the university in Nanjing, I studied at Keele University in Britain for one year. I studied chemistry and my major was synthetic organic chemistry.

What is your plan after graduating from our school?

I want to enroll the faculty of science and engineering of Waseda University. I also want to get Ph.D. To be honest, I prefer Tokyo Institute of Technology. I am not planning to go back to China, my future plan is to keep studying at the university in Japan, or to study at a laboratory of Japanese company. There are a lot of outstanding Japanese researchers, and some of them won the Nobel prize. This fact is one of the reasons why I want to stay in Japan. I really want to study hard and spread my research all over the world.

Jing Meng Xiao   from China

Are you going to enter university after graduating from our school?

Yes, after graduation I want to enter post-graduate to study education and economics. This is one of the reasons why I came to Japan. When I was living in China, I got high score in the national standard test, and I passed the entrance exam of Qingdao Institute of Technology. But I set a higher goal, and I decided to enter university in Japan.

Please tell me why you chose Japan for study.

Before graduating from junior high school I traveled Japan with my family. I had a good impression, and this is why I chose Japan. As a first impression, Japan is beautiful and quiet. I remember every Japanese helped us sincerely and patiently when we asked something.

Do you think it is hard to study Japanese?

I don’t think so, because I am Chinese. Even if I don’t understand anything when I read, I can imagine what that means by the kanji character. Chinese and Japanese have in common in terms of meaning of the character and writing system, and it helps me a lot.

Please tell me your future plan.

In Japan, everything keep changing constantly, so it is hard to acquire knowledge about Japan. But nobody knows what will happen in the future. I don’t have a future plan now, but it may be good to turn my hobby into my job.

Liu Chunzhi   from China

I want to ask about your life in our school.

I always remember many things about my school life. I participated a lot of extracurricular activities, and that made me help to understand Japanese culture.

What is the best thing about living in Japan?

Through the extracurricular activities I had opportunities to make Japanese friends.

You already graduated from our school. What are you doing now?

I had a great opportunity to take hearty recommendation by Teacher Yoshiko Sakata, and thanks to her I got a job in Japan. I really appreciate sincere instruction and backup by the teachers of Urawa International School.

Tran Cong Diem   from Vietnam

How did you feel when you came to Japan?

I didn’t know anything when I came here first, but I thought many signboards written in Japanese were very cool and interesting.

What else do you do for studying Japanese except attending the class?

I started a part-time job at a home delivery company, and I found that Japanese were very strict about time. I thought I needed to have an opportunity to talk to customers to improve my Japanese, so I changed my job. Now I am working at a restaurant. My responsibility is to work at a kitchen and to serve customers. My Japanese is a bit better than before.

What is your future plan?

I want to enter vocational school or university. After that my hope is to find a car-related company in Japan. I really love cars. I want to assemble Lamborghini with my own hands. This is my desire. About Japanese foods, I like sushi. My elder brother have not eaten sushi, although seven years have passed since he came to Japan, so I want to go to sushi restaurant with him.

Oripov Parviz   from Uzbekistan

Why did you come to Japan?

My brother-in-law loves Japan. When I was a child I got interested in Japan because of him. I started studying Japanese when I was fifteen, and a few times I worked as a volunteer guide for tourists from Japan. To study Japanese more, I also worked at Karaoke shop aimed at Japanese tourists.

What makes you love Japan?

Japanese “Samurai” attracted me so much. I watched the movie “Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa and was so impressed with that. I hope to introduce many things about Japan and Japanese culture to Uzbekistani, and I want to contribute to cultural exchange between Japan and Uzbekistan.

Sok Pisith   from Cambodia

How about your Japanese study?

I studied IT engineering in my country, but I wanted to study Japanese, so I came to Japan in June 2018. At first I couldn’t speak Japanese fluently, and kanji character was so tough to learn. But thanks to my teachers at Urawa International School my speaking skill improved a lot.

What do you think is the best thing about Japan?

The best thing is there are a lot of jobs in Japan. Now I am working at a food factory at night. It is tough but I’m doing my best. I want to enter a school, and after graduation I will go back to Cambodia to make my own car-related company.

Jayalath Mudiyanselage Tinali   from Sri Lanka

What is the toughest thing about learning Japanese?

Sri Lankan language is called Sinhalese, and its character is completely different from Japanese one. It was hard for me to learn Japanese at first, but now I improved a bit.

What surprised you when you came to Japan?

I found a lot of supermarkets and convenience stores, and I thought everything is more convenient here than Sri Lanka. But I think prices in japan are so high.

Do you have a part-time job?

Yes, I am working at a fast-food hamburger shop. 65% of our staff is foreigners, and there are also Sri Lankan, Nepalese and Vietnamese. At first I had to grill meats and it was difficult for me, but now I am used to it. Except this I also serve customers. Sometimes I teach something about our job to the other staff.

What is your dream?

I entered a vocational school thanks to my teachers’ backup. In the future I want to be an IT engineer and make smart phone applications or a program of car navigation system. I really hope to live in Japan with my family.

Please give your advice for would-be students of our school.

To make it easier to accept many Sri Lankan as international student, it would be great if I could introduce our Japanese language school to the people living in Sri Lanka. “Kiribath” is a famous Sri Lankan cuisine which is made with rice and coconut milk. We eat it when we celebrate or have some events. It is very delicious, I hope you try.

Yangki Karma   from Bhutan

How did you feel when you came to Japan first?

In my opinion, many Japanese are busy and it is hard for foreigners to live in Japan in the beginning. I couldn’t even order something at the restaurant. Now I can do that anyway.

How do you think of our school?

Teachers of Urawa International School are very kind and good-natured. In our class there are Vietnamese, Chinese, Nepalese, Bangladeshi and others, and we talked about many kinds of things in Japanese. That was so useful for me to make non-Japanese friends.

What is your future plan?

I became second-grader in April, and now I am planning to enter school after graduation. I love old people, so my hope is to work at a nursing care institution in Japan.

Subba Sancharaj   from Bhutan

What is the difference between Bhutan and Japan?

When I came to Japan, I didn’t even know how to ride on a train, because we don’t have it in Bhutan. Of course I couldn’t read Japanese, so it was so difficult to read signboards at the stations.

Is studying Japanese tough?

In my opinion, hiragana and katakana is easy but kanji is so tough to learn. But many Japanese helped me to study Japanese, so I can barely have conversation in Japanese now. I am going to start studying to enroll in a school. My plan is to study about business, and after that I will go back to Bhutan and make my own company.


How did you feel when you came to Japan first?

I came to Japan in April. I found beautiful flowers around the airport, and that made me think Japan is safe and peaceful country. About studying Japanese, hiragana and katakana is easy but kanji is difficult. But the more you speak Japanese, the more you get interested in it.

How do you utilize what you learned in Japan?

I studied accountancy at Ed-Mark University in Nepal. After graduating from Urawa International School, I want to enroll in Japanese university to study about business, and I really hope to join a good company. My dream is to make money and donate it for the poor orphans in Nepal.


Please tell me your first impression about Japan.

When I came here first, I felt it was quieter than my country Uzbekistan. I also thought streets were not so crowded as I imagined, because our capital city Dhaka is so crowded. Trains come often in Japan, so transportation is convenient here.

Do you think studying Japanese is hard?

Yes, but If you study hard at Urawa International School you can improve quickly. We also improved a lot thanks to our teachers’ instruction. Now I understand Japanese and enjoy my daily life.

Many people say Japanese are strict about social rules, how do you think about it?

I have a part-time job, I am so busy there and my boss sometimes scolds me when I am late. But I learned how punctuality is important in living in this society.

What is your future hope?

I want to pass the entrance exam of vocational school. In the future I will try to find a job relating to IT. I hope to support my parents financially.

Please let us know the best thing about your country.

There are a lot of sightseeing spots in Bangladesh like Cox’s Bazar. I really hope you travel in my country.

Roy Anish   from India

What is your dream?

My dream is to get a car-related job in Japan. Japanese car makers like Toyota, Honda, Nissan are famous in India. And you know Indian automobile maker Tata Motors is also well-known globally. I think Japanese technology such as automobile development is excellent. After finishing my study at Urawa International School, I want to join a car-related company in Japan. If it’s possible, I want to bring my family here and live together.